Walker County Emergency Services
"A Concern for Others"


Walker County Emergency Services (WCES) is a combination fire and rescue department, comprised of 18 stations, 182 personnel (84 career suppression and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), 10 part time and 98 volunteers) operating  suppression and command vehicles and seven transport Advanced Life Support (ALS) ambulances, serving a population of 68,756 citizens in 462 square miles. Walker County has four cities within its boundaries. We also provide fire services to the City of Chickamauga and emergency services including ALS to the other three cities located within Walker County. 

We are located in the extreme northwest corner of the State of Georgia and we serve as a gateway community for Chattanooga, Tennessee.  The southern end of Walker County is primarily farm land with mostly agricultural and undeveloped land areas while north and central Walker County is comprised of significant residential, business, and industrial areas making our response district very diverse. 

WCES has three specialized teams. We operate one of Georgia’s Regional Hazmat Teams. Due to our county having 149 registered caves, WCES operates a Cave and Cliff Rescue Team. The third team is our Ground Search Team which has been beneficial locating and rescuing lost or injured citizens in our vast mountainous areas.


Our essential mission and number one priority is to deliver the best possible service to our customer.


Creating and supporting an environment to prevent loss of life and property where all people thrive and prosper.


Service:   Unwavering commitment to our community

Dedication:  A commitment to the goals and objectives

Preparedness: The pursuit of excellence, through continuous training and planning

Honor:   Honesty and integrity: regardless of the outcome. 

We inspire each other through pride in our organization, which is a belief that our  people are the strength of the team.

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