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Want to help family and friends in need? We are always looking for new members to join our team so come join us and take part in something in which you can be proud. As a member of Walker County Emergency Services (WCES), you will become a valuable asset to the people in your community by gaining the knowledge necessary to step-up and help when they need it the most.

Basic and Educational Requirements

Due to the technical and training requirements for members of WCES, the following are minimum standards for becoming a volunteer:

Minimum age of 18
Current and valid driver’s license
Must pass a criminal and driver’s history background test
Must pass a drug test
Must complete basic firefighter recruit training program

Areas of Opportunity

There are many areas of opportunity within WCES. These include fire suppression, emergency medical services, auto extrication, low angle rescue, hazardous materials, fire investigations, fire safety programs, and Emergency Medical Services (Emergency Medical Technicians Basic, Advanced and Paramedic). If your busy work schedule will not allow you to completed the fire or EMS training, there are several other areas to help your community. Our support firefighter program allows for home study, with final check offs to be conducted at the local fire station. The Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) only takes two weekends and will train you to assist citizens during natural or manmade disastrous events. There are other ways to assist and help family and friends in need. Call (706-539-1255) or email
fireheadquarters@walkerga.uswith any questions or information needed to apply.

Benefits of Membership

Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund
Pay Incentives
Christmas Bonus and or Gift
Membership to Georgia Firefighters Associations
Top Dog Program
Increase Job opportunities in Fire and EMS work
Live-in Program (only at select stations)

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