This page is dedicated to current and past members that have made life long contributions to the fire department and it citizens.

Melvin "Moose" Mann

On November 18, 2007, Rescue 15 was dedicated to the memory of Melvin Mann in appreciation of his great personal achievements and dedication to the department. He was known as Moose by members of Walker County Emergency Services. Moose was one of the original founding members of station 15 servicing the south end of Walker County. After serving as a driver for many years, Moose was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant where he continued to assist in the training of driving and fire apparatus operation. Moose passed away on June 13, 2006 and was buried with full firefighter honors in appreciation of his almost 30 years contributions to the department and citizens of Walker County.

David Grigsby

David Grigsby was a dedicated member of Station 14 servicing the Villanow Community and served as an active member with his church. David was a lifelong member of station 14 and was an advocate for new subscriptions at the time that the fire department operated off fire subscriptions. He never charged the department for his time or the expenses incurred pursuing new subscriptions. David continuously used his personal time and money to help the department grow. Due to his lifelong contributions to the department, Rescue 14 was dedicated to his honor posthumously in 2005.

Chief Scotty "Mac" McClure

Scotty Mac McClure started at Station 1 in Rock Spring, Georgia when it was still the Post Volunteer Fire Department (PVFD). He was one of the founding members in 1976 and served the department in every capacity. Scotty Mac started as a volunteer before working his way into a career position. During his tenure with PVFD, he made many contributions to the department including the donation of many auto parts from the parts store that he owned. Over the 31 years with the department, Scott Mac was a very dedicated member with thousands of hours of training and calls ran. Due to the tremendous contributions of time and money made by Scotty Mac, Walker County Emergency Services (WCES) dedicated Station 1 to Chief Scotty "Mac" McClure on January 2, 2011. Scotty Mac is missed and loved by everyone who knew him.

 Farrell Brown

Farrell Brown was a charter member of Station 15 serving the Old Lee School Rd community. Over the years, Farrell worked his way up from Firefighter to the rank of Captain. He rarely missed a training drill and if he was off work, then he was running calls. Farrell maintained the mindset that a good firefighter is one that is continuously learning and teaching. He always took an active role during training and is also an active member of his church and other community organizations. Farrell was a well-respected career probation officer with the state of Georgia. He freely gave of his time to assist in the growth of our department. Even after he retired as a probation officer, Farrell continued to volunteer and dedicated over 30 years as an active volunteer with Walker County Emergency Services. In his honor, Station 15 was renamed Walker County Farrell Brown Fire Station #15. Currently, Farrell is enjoying retirement.

Colby Bearden

Colby Bearden was a dedicated firefighter assigned to station 5 serving the Wallaceville Community. He was a very active volunteer and known by members of the department as the "Attic Man". In later years, Colby became sick and was placed on dialysis. Even during dialysis, Colby attended training, visited the station, and assisted on calls to the best of his ability; often while feeling sick or nauseous. On September 6, 2004, Colby succumbed to his illness at the age of 38. One year later, Walker County Emergency Services dedicated truck 5 in his honor posthumous. The members of Walker County Emergency Services remember the dedication to the department shown by Colby. What makes a hero? A hero continues to push forward in the face of adversity even when the odds are stacked against them. Colby Bearden was a hero.

Hugh L. Wilson

Hugh L. Wilson joined the department in 1978 and is still an active volunteer with Walker County Emergency Services. He is the Captain for Station 16 serving the Broomtown Road community and is known by the members of the department as Hugh L. As a volunteer with the department, Hugh L. owned a vehicle repair garage in which he maintained the fleet of apparatus belonging to the department. He completed these repairs at the cost of materials and often times paid for the parts out of his own pocket. Hugh L. is a very active member of his church and community. In appreciation of his nearly 40 years of commitment to the department, Walker County Emergency Services renamed Station 16 in his honor on March 29, 2014. The station is now known as Walker County Hugh L. Wilson Fire Station 16.